Concepts & system architecture

Through our work for both the public and private sector in the areas of RUC and ITS, we know the difficulties and the success factors of a RUC or ITS implementation as well as the commercial and technical operation of such systems. This experience is incorporated into the concepts based on the clear objectives of the client's policy.

Based on a clear policy, a system concept and a functional system architecture can be quickly designed. The system concept shows in which environment and with which user groups the system will be used, what the goal and purpose of the system are and which basic functions will be performed by the system. The high-level description of the essential end-to-end processes is also part of the system concept, as are aspects of safety and security and data protection. In addition, a functional architecture of the system is described. From the functional architecture, both the interfaces (hardware and software) and the combination of individual functions into function blocks can be read out. The system concept and functional architecture are the basis for the functional specifications.

In addition to system concepts, we also develop concepts for the operation of RUC and ITS systems, up to and including the establishment of an ISO-compliant operating company (operational and organisational structure).

References on concepts & system architecture