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Company video

Rapp Trans in Germany is a consulting agency that develops future-oriented, sustainable and creative solutions with its clients in the areas of mobility, road user charging and intelligent transport systems. In this company video you will get an insight into the challenging tasks that Rapp passionately engages in.
(Duration: 04:55, in German)



Rapp covers the entire spectrum of individual and public transport as well as the interaction and interfaces of the different systems. In this podcast you can hear more about our ideas and competences on the topic of mobility.
(Duration: 07:15, in German)


The European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) will simplify the payment of road tolls by cross-border users. This podcast is about the gradual, regional implementation of the toll service and how Rapp is supporting it.
(Duration: 06:35, in German)

ITS liabilities

Assisted, automated and connected driving requires the interaction of many stakeholders. In this podcast, you will hear how liability issues can be a barrier to the introduction of ITS and what measures are needed.
(Duration: 06:35, in German)

Rapp as an employer

Rapp offers a variety of highly exciting projects. With shared knowledge and our passion, we plan and implement groundbreaking solutions. In this podcast you can hear more about the special "we-feeling" of the Rapp team.
(Duration: 06:35, in German)


We are pleased to provide you here with our reports and congress papers for download.


Congress papers