Certification of the DKV Box in all DSRC countries

In the course of the introduction of the DKV-Box (Toll4Europe's on-board unit), certification of the on-board unit and the processes required for toll collection had to be carried out in all DSRC countries.

Rapp was responsible for project management and management support to safeguard the IT-related requirements (e.g. integration, testing) for the certification of the DKV Box Europe in all DSRC toll domains (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, the tunnels in Germany and Belgium as well as Austria). The assignment included communication and reporting to the programme management of DKV and to the project management of T4E, the toll department of DKV. It also involved the coordination of the completion dates for certain functionalities with the IT department of DKV and of the Ready for Service Tests of DKV with T4E and the Toll Chargers. In addition, after the successful Ready for Service Tests, Rapp coordinated the Suitability for Use Tests in the various DSRC countries. Due to new OBU software releases, these tests had to be repeated at regular intervals and became part of the operational process.

In 2020 Rapp elaborated the remaining open issues in the toll context of Austria and finalised them.

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Period: 2018 - 2020

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