Open in-vehicle platform

In addition to legally required devices such as a tachograph or toll collection devices, many trucks use voluntarily installed devices for navigation or fleet management. In the future, further mandatory devices are likely to be added.

The multitude of electronic devices, such as navigation systems, OBUs for toll collection, fleet management systems, etc. with very different operating concepts, safety requirements and legal bases is inefficient and costly and also constitutes an unreasonable demand for the driver.

On behalf of the European Commission, Rapp has investigated in a series of projects (including ITS Action Plan 4.1) whether and how as many of these devices as possible can be combined. The aim should be to define mandatory devices in the law in such a way that they are "platform-ready", i.e. they can be installed together with other applications on an open technical platform in the vehicle. Our recommendations were well received and taken into account, for example in the revision of the digital tachograph legislation.

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Client: European Commission

Period: 2012

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