Congestion tail detection – field test

In a field test, the quality of the congestion tail detections based on floating car data was verified. Existing traffic cameras on previously defined motorway sections served as a reference for the quality check.

Communication of automated vehicles with other road users

The project provides information on the requirements for communication between automated vehicles and other road users. For this purpose, various traffic situations were examined and evaluated in a first step.

Use of eCall data for traffic management

Rapp was commissioned together with AIT to identify potential use cases for the use of eCall data in traffic management and to investigate whether and in what way these use cases can be implemented technically, functionally and organisationally.

Transport of the future 2060

The SVI research project "Transport of the Future 2060" aims to develop a visionary view of the long-term development of traffic and transport in Switzerland. Several parallel sub-projects are to provide the (coordinated) building blocks to form three common visions of the future: "Evolution", "Revolution" and "Devolution".

Prautocol - Certification of drivers and automated vehicles

The research project "Prautocol" deals with the certification of drivers and vehicles in the field of automated driving with the aim of strengthening the position of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Platooning in Switzerland

The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) identifies the number of congestion hours on the national road network as a key problem and has defined traffic management measures to improve traffic flow. FEDRO has commissioned Rapp with the development of the measure "Evaluation of the use of distance keeping systems and platooning".